Objective for Resume: Your Opportunity to Impress

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1. Be honest and straightforward about yourself and your goals…

Author: Mike Suggs

Objective for Resume is a statement placed at the very beginning of your resume. Objective for resume is your introductory paragraph intended to give the reader a quick peak into why you chose your profession and where you hope to go with it over the next few years. Think of your Objective for Resume paragraph as a re-worded snapshot of your cover letter.

Your resume is a time line of your experiences in your chosen field. Therefore, your objective for resume opening paragraph needs to be consistent with your past employment choices.

An employer wants to see that you have at least some sort of concept of what you want to do and that you have pursued opportunities in the past that have contributed to your skill base and your direction. It will not reflect well on you if, for example, you are a trained veterinary assistant yet you are currently applying for a position in the food service industry.

As a job applicant it is very important to have in mind the viewpoint of an employer; a point which is almost always overlooked by job applicants. Second only to making sure a job applicant is qualified for the position, an employer wants to hire the person they believe will be a stable member of their team.

Remember this when writing your Objective for Resume:

1. It costs money for an employer to go through the hiring process

2. It costs money for an employer to train a new employee

3. It costs a lot of money for an employer to hire the wrong person and have to start over

Therefore your cover letter, your objective for resume and your resume need to convey that investing in you will pay off. So, ask yourself: If an employer will be investing valuable time and money in me, why will investing in me pay off for them?

Your resume speaks for itself. Your past experience is what it is. So, take advantage of the opportunity when writing your objective for resume and the rest of your applicant package and read it from the viewpoint of the employer. Would you be interested in wanting to know more about you?

Ah, but this can be tricky. So let’s be clear about your Objective for Resume:

1. Be honest and straightforward about yourself and your goals

2. Do not write your objective for resume to impress

3. Do not write according to what you think they want to hear

4. Reduce the entire process to dollars and cents for the employer

5. It is not a personality contest, so avoid flowery language

Just tell the truth about yourself, your experience, your skills and your goals, but word your objective for resume in such a way that when you read it from the viewpoint of an employer, it sounds interesting.

Remember: The sole purpose of your cover letter and objective for resume package is to get an interview – not to land the job. You will use the interview to land the job and your cover letter,objective for resume and resume to land the interview!

What if you think you have your objective for resume down pretty well, but you still need a cover letter that attracts attention and helps get you that interview?

I know how hard it can be to try to sell who you are and what you can offer a company in a short cover letter that makes you stand out from other applicants.

That’s why you need to learn the writing tips you can practice by clicking here for example cover letter tips.

Once you get the hang of it you’ll be able to easily write a real attention-getting cover letter and you’ll be ready to check out more job interview tips here.

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