4th Annual 2017 NAWRB Nexus Conference: Women’s Collaboration for the Future Recap

Building upon last year’s success in connecting millions of dollars in procurement contracts, the excitement at the 2017 NAWRB Nexus Conference: Women’s Collaboration for the Future was palpable with over 40 C-suite, Sr. Executive and Government speakers from numerous industries who delivered actionable solutions and displayed selflessness in sharing their invaluable wisdom to help others succeed.

  • Ann Krishnan, Vice President and Senior Partner, CAK International, LLC, and winner of a Government wide Acquisition Contract (GWAC) worth $10 billion, captivated the audience with her story illustrating the tremendous power of government contracting.
  • NAWRB makes history with Melanie Gass, Territory Channel Manager, Microsoft: “Last year, I stood up on stage and I gave you a bunch of time-saving tips,” Gass stated. “What you didn’t know is that that moment would be part of a groundbreaking opportunity to create a guide that becomes available to the real estate industry starting today at this conference.” To access Microsoft’s New Guide for Real Estate Professionals, http://www.aka.ms/nawrbguide.
  • The NAWRB Conference sparked promising relationships through the signing of two memorandums of understanding (MOU), helping grow our web of influencers to drive the success of diversity and inclusion.
  • NAWRB releases the first-ever Women in Housing Ecosystem Report (WHER), which presents an in-depth analytical narrative of women’s economic growth and shows the interconnection of women’s professional success in the housing ecosystem, women’s homeownership and women’s poverty.
  • Monda Raquel Webb, a 13-Time Award-Winning Short Film Producer, showcases the importance of challenging perceptions for diversity and inclusion with a powerful screening of her film “Zoo (Volkerschau)” about the last recorded human zoo in 1958.
  • NAWRB’s nationally-acclaimed Certified Delegate Spokeswoman Program put a stamp on the end of a powerful conference. As we grow in numbers, we create more opportunities for women to take their place on the frontlines—instead of the sidelines— of the housing ecosystem. Take your place at the front of the line as one of our Certified Delegate Spokeswomen!

Silvia Rathell, a Government Relations Chairwoman with over a decade of experience in Washington, D.C.: “I’ve been in D.C. for almost 11 years and sometimes I see these women speaking on specific panels, but they’re never together in one place like they are here.”

NAWRB is the Women’s and Small Business Validator: Access, Opportunities, Influence and Collaboration. Become Involved in NAWRB to help cement women’s economic growth today! Entities and individuals interested in partnering with NAWRB can contact the organization at info@NAWRB.com or visit www.NAWRB.com/partnership.

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